Feeling Bright

Since my last few posts have been rather needy and whiny (I am afraid they were justifiably so) I am happy to share that things are looking up!

I bit the bullet, and showed up to St. Paul’s women’s bible study that happens on Thursday mornings – alone.  It is an embarrassingly terrifying experience showing up some place without connection to anyone else out of sheer desperation for kinship.

But I did it.

And the women were wonderful!  I was immediately introduced to another American ex-pat who showed me the ropes, adopted me into her group, and introduced me to everyone, AND let me in on the places I could volunteer at legally!  Generous hospitality – and it was so great to meet other people who could empathize with some of the things I have been going through which made me feel so much more *sane*.

For example:  I was sharing how this past weekend I finished setting up the house, decor and organization, and hosted my brother and sister-in-law, and that night, after they left – suddenly was filled with panic!  I thought I must be losing it, but the women practically finished my sentiment saying “Now what do I do??”

It was so great to know that I was feeling completely normal and appropriately for a newly minted housewife in a new place!  

Other than OASIS (the Thursday morning bible study) I also made new acquaintances at my definitely-not-a-strip-club gym called PINX, was invited to join the embroiderer’s guild (maybe?), made plans to meet up with a fun geeky girl at a toy/game shop who reccommended we buy a board game called “BATMAN: GOTHAM CITY” to show us how to actually play it.

I also bought more washi tape (I may be over doing it…) and found out abouta cute and cool crafty shop that has craft evenings where people come to meet other people and there is tea and cake – so I think I will try that out too. 

With the sun out and my husband home all day – I am feeling most relieved and rejuvenated.  I am really glad we moved to this beautiful little town, and can’t wait to begin building what I hope will be a strong and long lasting community.

On a side note, my husband and I both had the thought yesterday that we think perhaps two years from now would be a good time to start a family.

That can change regularly, but I thought I would start recording the thought process – it could prove interesting… maybe.  

Star Trek movie tonight, and a new episode of Doctor Who too!  I am loving the geek life.

I hope your week fares well, and that something you have been dreading proves benign.

Sorry about the fortune cookie wishes without a cookie.