The Struggle between Love and Power

Is a great life always a struggle between love and power?

I just got home from watching “Jobs”.

I just want to be upfront about that.

Good movie – great subject – and I notice I feel the same way leaving that theater as I do when I watched Star Trek, the Marvel movies, and when I read Harry Potter, “Three Cups of Tea”,  and Terry Pratchett’s “Nation”.

There is some variation in subject matter, genre, and even media type in these – but the common thread – I think – is that they are all stories of great vision.

The thing about vision, is that there is never an instruction manual that comes with it.

There have been millions of innovators and millions of visionaries – but none of them are the same.  None of them go about it the same way.

Their wins, their failures, their obstacles, and the casualties they leave in their wake – the only common thread is that they all seem to have some of all of them.


I have a vision myself, and what scares me – is not the failures, not the obstacles, but something I saw over and over in Jobs, and something that the form of fantasy can ignore in the world of Hogwarts – the casualties of following that vision.

I know people died in Harry Potter – but I am not talking about death – I am talking about ruined relationships.   Harry got to keep all his friends.  All that survived the battles, anyway.

It seems that in reality, that choice is not available.

And that sucks.

I want to innovate.  I want my vision to come true.

I am just not sure I could ever feel proud if it came at the price I watched Steve Jobs pay.  

And I am not confident that putting relationships first, over a project that could change and better the entire world, wouldn’t also make me a coward.

It’s probably not as black and white as all that – but it’s what I am thinking about tonight.  

Is a great life always a struggle between love and power?