Laundry Rant

Well it’s late april and I feel a bit afloat really.

I am fairly settled into our new place, and I cannot really over stress how much I adore this little town we have moved to!  But if I don’t find something official and scheduled and social to do in the afternoons – than – well – I am not sure what will happen.  But it probably won’t be happiness.

I feel dreadful confessing my boredom – especially as [insert nickname for my husband I haven’t thought of yet] feels a bit wretched at the idea of me being anything but generally delighted (isn’t he a gem!!) but it’s not like I resent him in any way for seriously upgrading my life!  This is just a time of adjustment.  Homesickness and culture shock are both kicking in a bit – and I do crave the tangible comfort of recognizing people in my regular coffee shop or having a friend in town.

Whew- that last one stings.

But – I am becoming stronger in an area of my character that has always been so weak.  How to live and get things done without a strong vision.  I used to just sit there and drown myself in TV or books (my mom said that I used stories the way other people turn to alcohol and drugs – to be fair, I love stories for fun too… I guess the comparison holds.)

But I am getting steadily better and better at pulling myself out of bed, getting dressed, and out of the house earlier and earlier.  I am getting better at setting myself tasks to accomplish – like I set tasks, and accomplish at least half of them.

Can I take a sec and rant a wee bit about the main culture british thing that is driving me up the wall at the moment???  Thank you – you are too kind.

The washer/dryer combo.   I HATE it.  It means nothing is ever “tumble dry low” re: everything must be ironed, nothing is ever dry – and oh yeah – there is no LINT trap.  Lint, something I never paid attention to.  It is everywhere.

And it makes doing laundry this HUGE affair.  You have to wash it (oh yeah – in the middle of the night because the electricity prices are variable throughout the day, and so you have to time these things to be “off-peak”) and then in the morning, you check to see if the level of damp is acceptable.  If it isn’t I then have to decide if I need to wait until that evening to put it on the drying cycle in the middle of the night, or just run it during “peak” hours.

THen I have to pull it all out – and lay it flat to finish drying, then iron it, then lint roll it.

Seriously people.  TUMBLE. DRYER.

I do not enjoy laundry here.

I could round out this post – but I am done.